fully servo-driven,high-speed slitter, 100% inspection rewind



The Rhyguan SMART330 is competitively priced fully servo-driven, highly reliable, high-speed slitter 100% inspection rewind machine.  Designed for a wide range of pressure-sensitive labels it features an open concept to allow integration with your favorite brand of inspection system and inkjet numbering system. The SMART330 is standard fitted with rotary knives and trim-edge extraction, and a single rewinds. It can be upgraded with automatically positioned slitting knives, and a turret or dual rewind. XML / JFD integration with workflow systems is also possible.

Rhyguan SMART330HMS Platform Highlights:

  •  High speed up to 300m/min for efficient converting
  • Short 7m paper path especially short-run jobs
  • Rotary slitting and edge-trim extraction included. Upgrade to Automatic slitting, turret rewind or dual rewind is available
  • Stops faulty labels on the inspection table.
    (requires an inspection system to support this feature)
  • Operator work position suitable for “seating on the job”
  • Fully servo-driven to provide excellent tension control
  • Easy web access and maintenance
  • Automatic end-of-roll stop

Features & Benefits

  • Any major brand 100% Inspection system, to stop faulty labels right on the inspection table

  • Any major brand Work-flow-link to use previously generated inspection data to stop faulty labels on the inspection table. (e.g. AVT working solution) (option)

  • Major brand ink-jet systems numbering systems (option)

  • CERM/ ESKO or other brands automation systems through a JDF link (option)

Rhyguan stock a variety of mechanical and electrical parts and components to ensure quick dispatch and minimum downtime. Our engineers provide regular on-site training for your employees and can also host your personnel at our site for additional training. Rhyguan offers on-site machine installation, employee training, and consulting services for customers new to the industry, and all of our machines carry a one-year warranty. Our distributors in North America, Europe, Africa, South Korea, and Thailand assist in replacements, repairs, and maintenance.