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Our digital finishing machine for Embellishments is modular in design and fully servo-driven. Find out more about Hotfoil, silkscreen, digital foil, flexo and all die-cutting options by downloading our brochure or request samples printed.

Our compact digital finishing solution is fully servo-driven and compact in size. It Includes spot varnish, semi-rotary die-cutting, cold foil, and other automation. Find out more in our brochure.

Cost Efficiency

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Rhyguan is a large manufacture of digital finishing equipment so you benifit from our cost efficient design and production. European customers choose us because Rhyguan provides the best value for their investment.

Modern Design Built To Last

All Rhyguan digital finishing equipment is designed with reliability and durability in mind.

Rhyguan machines provide years of reliable production based on modern robust design. the machine is built with a solid steel frame 25mm thick and features branded components such as the servo engines, controllers, electrical switches inside.

The user-friendly color touchscreen interface with a clear menu and settings enable operators to get started quickly the purpose of non-stop productions.


World-class training & support

We provide training and support both on-site and online. After installing the products we can train your operators efficiently so you can start production smoothly.
Our local channel network provide local rapid first-line support. Rhyguan Europe provides second line support, with certified engineers and pre-packaged spare parts on stock (in Eindhoven NL) ready for immediate shipment. Headoffice in China provides rapid factory support when required.

German installation

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