dual Die-Cutting equipment, servo-driven semi-rotary, optional for full rotary



Dual Die-cutting Machine with a competitive price.
The Rhyguan TOP330DDS is a compact solution for professional label converters that seek an economical solution for die-cutting labels in two steps. Fitted with a servo-driven Semi-Rotary dual die-cutting unit, which can also run full rotary.

Upgrade with IML support, lamination, automatic slitting, ESKO/CERM integration, Turret rewinding, or cut-sheet on a conveyor belt. Click to learn more and see what other options are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Servo driven Semi-rotary dual die-cutting unit. Both units share the same step-and-repeat.
    The dual die-station has its own independent reregistration and tension control. Operator can run the dual-die station in full rotary modus also

  • 25mm Solid steel frame is the basis for durability

  • Best branded components on the inside that last a long life-span

  • Upgrade to support IML labels, with conveyor belt and batch separation

  • Upgrade to Link with 3rd party systems: AVT, other Inspection,  ESKO, CERM

  • Upgrade with slitting, automatic slitting, turret or dual rewinding, Cutsheeting or cross perforation