WON 330-450-520 Slitter Rewinder

WON-330 slitter rewinder

The Rhyguan WON is available in three widths: 330mm, 450mm, and 520mm. This slitting machine is designed to accurately slit narrow web films and self-adhesive label material. It is also possible to slit metallic films as well. The machine is standard equipped with rotary knives and a turret for maximum productivity and ease of use.

The Rhyguan Slitter rewinder is a compact robust machine. The machine is only 1.8m wide and has a very short paper path. It is fully servo-driven and features taper tension control, a Maxcess web guide, shear slitting, turret rewinding, meter, and/or number counting.  The machine easily runs at 300m/min and has automatic acceleration and deceleration to perverse excellent tension throughout the whole cycle.


The WON series of machines are standard equipped with rotary shear knives. Razorblade slitting is optional. Further, improve productivity with the auto-slitting upgrade. Three automatically positioned rotary slitting knives can be set-up in just 22 seconds. The position of the knives can be controlled from the user interface of an additional upgrade via Rhyguan’s JDF/JMF links for integration into your ERP System.


Features & Benefits

  • Fully servo driven compact slitter rewinder

  • Taper tension control

  • Meter or number count

  • Rotary slitting standard included,  other slitting options available

  • Turret rewinder standard included, other rewinding options available

  • Upgrade to automatic workflow with auto-slitting and JDF/JMF workflow links


Rhyguan stock a variety of mechanical and electrical parts and components to ensure quick dispatch and minimum downtime. Our engineers provide regular on-site training for your employees and can also host your personnel at our site for additional training. Rhyguan offers on-site machine installation, employee training, and consulting services for customers new to the industry, and all of our machines carry a one-year warranty. Our distributors in North America, Europe, Africa, South Korea, and Thailand assist in replacements, repairs, and maintenance.