Rhyguan worldwide closed H1 2020 with good results


Rhyguan introduced new face-mask production equipment suitable to produce high-quality N95 masks. Our customers are using these units now to manufacturing millions of masks every day to help keep people safe and healthy. This new unit and the label finishing equipment business together contributed to growth.

In Europe specifically, the number of new label finishing and converting machines installed was stable compared to H1 2019. New-order-intake grew rapidly and more than doubled versus H1 2019. Especially the growth in digital finishing equipment [link to digital finishing equipment], and inspection rewinders [link to inspection rewinders]  is outstanding.

Rhyguan Europe’s Managing Director Daniel van Zelst says:
“ I like to thank our channel partners for their contributions. Together with them, Rhyguan Europe grew the order intake in the first 6 months of 2020 significantly. The Corona crises had a big impact on the ability of many label converters to invest in new equipment. Especially in countries with long and strict lock-downs. In this challenging environment, the result is excellent“

In the second half of 2020 Rhyguan is looking forward to introducing exciting new solutions worldwide for digital finishing, inspection slitter rewinders, and more. In Europe, Rhyguan will strengthen its local team, and announced newly created positions [link to vacancies] in both Sales and Service. With the focus on excellent customer satisfaction and support of our channel partners Rhyguan Europe will continue to grow the sales of label finishing equipment rapidly in the second half of 2020.