NEW Compact digital finishing

KISS330PLUS2 compact digital finishing machine

Compact Digital FinishingKISS330PLUS2

Compact digital label finishing

The Rhyguan KISS330PLUS2 and KISS420PLUS2 are digital label finishing machines, that offer spot varnish and flatbed die-cutting into one compact configuration.

The KISS330PLUS2 and KISS420PLUS2 machines are fully servo-driven, starting with the unwind, the flexo, the die-cutting, including the rewind and everything in between. That even includes the matrix rewind.
The servo engines are digitally controlled. This provides synchronization across all servo-engines with precision timings and accurate step-and-repeats. The result is excellent tension control, a very smooth-running machine, and an astonishing finishing quality.

Semi-Rotary Flexo
The Semi-Rotary Flexo unit is suitable to apply spot-varnish. It is easy to switch from semi-rotary to full rotary to apply flood-coating if your job so requires.

The Flexo unit has a convenient slide-back panel for easy access and is default fitted with Flexoconcepts orange doctor blades. It is possible to choose standard UV curing or LED UV curing. IR/Hotair drying is also available and can be combined with UV curing.

For heat-sensitive materials, a chill roller with an industrial chiller is also available.

Cold Foil and lamination

Add extra embellishments to your digitally printed label with Cold foil. Fully servo-driven unwind and rewind is also suitable for standard lamination.

Flatbed die-cutting

The flatbed die-cutting unit is fully servo-driven. The die-pressure is applied from underneath and up, digitally controlled with a large servo engine, while the step-and-repeat is also digitally controlled with two servo engines. With digital control over the timings and the stamping pressure, accuracy and repeatability are outstanding.

The die-cutting frames are easy to mount, and precision adjustments can be numerically controlled.
(For semi-rotary die-cutting, please visit the Rhyguan TOP330PLUS2 page)

Slitting, Rewinding, cut-sheeting

Standard Shear slitting and automatically positioned shear slitting are both available.
The automatic shear slitting system is controlled from the touch screen user interface, or through an ERP/CRM controlled workflow with Rhyguan’s digital platform.  Add extra flexibility by adding a razor blade slitting to your shear slitting system.
Trim extraction is standard and includes a simple suction engine. The various rewinding options include a standard single rewind, dual rewinding, productive turret rewinding, as well as cut-sheet delivery that are available to suit various delivery requirements.

About Rhyguan digital finishing equipment:

All Rhyguan digital finishing equipment is designed with reliability and durability in mind. Based on two thick solid steel frames 25mm thick, and branded components such as the servo engines, controllers, electrical switches inside. User-friendly color touchscreen interface with easy to understand functions and menus are also standard.

Rhyguan’s has experience is finishing labels printed on any major brand narrow web digital printer (brand). Not only has our R&D team has tested the finishing of digitally printed labels, but Rhyguan’s service team also have extended experience in supporting customers with their daily production across the world.