Full digital finishing

Rhyguan DIG330PLUS3 Full Digital Finishing

automatic job change with digital die-cutting and automatic slitting

The DIG330PLUS3 is a machine to finish ultra-short-run digitally printed rolls of label stock with multiple jobs on one single roll. With full rotary flexo to apply varnish, and Digital die-cutting without compromising on the look and feel of a traditional die-cut, with Rhyguan highly automated plotting line.  On-the-fly job changes, without having to change die-cut tooling. Automatic registration of the positioning, with a QR code reader and print-mark reader both included for automatic job changes. This machine is also prepared for JDF integration.

Job changes are automated using a combination of a QR code reader and the traditional well-known print-marks with a sensor to adjust the cutting position for each print mark.

Not only the die-cutting is automatically adjusted, but also the slitting can be automatically set in this way. Allowing for a highly automated digital finishing workflow, that is very suitable for the ultra-short run.

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    • 25mm Solid Steel Frame Is The Basis For Durability. Fitted With The Best Branded Components That Last A Long Life-Span

    • Operators Like The Smooth Runs, Durable, Repeatable, Precise Converting This Unit Delivers Every Day. And They Can Control All Settings From The Touchscreen User Interface

    • Options: Link With 3rdParty Systems:   AVT, Other Inspection,  ESKO, CERM,  Other CRM Cold-Foil, Slitting, Automatic Slitting, IML Support, Turret, Cutsheet And Much More…

    • Full Rotary Flexo Unit For Flodd Varnish, With Its Own Independent Tension Control.

    • Digital plotter die-cut system with two rows of heads each equipped with 3 heads. Optionally 4 heads extra.

    • Rhyguan Safe 360o needles, automatic calibration of the depth and adjustment for the thickness of the liner through setting on the user interface.

    • Automatic job changes (die-cutting and slitting) with standard included both a QR-code reader and an independent print-mark reader.

    • Fully Equipped With Servo Engines To Create Full Digital Control. Through Digital Real-Time Software The DIG330PLUS3 Gets All Servo Timings Fully Synchronized And Exactly Right For The Smoothest Conversion Runs Possible With A Minimum Of Vibrations