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fully modular in design, fully servo-driven, value-addingPLUS 330/420 (The PLUS series is available in 330mm and 420mm wide) Rhyguan PLUS330...
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TOP330plus TOP420plus TOP520plus

servo-driven Semi-Rotary die-cut unit, full rotary Flexo unit TOP330plus  TOP420plus  TOP520plus The TOP…plus series is available in 330mm, 420mm, and...
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TOP-330-PLUS-2 比利时展机 Cropped


fully servo-driven and digitally controlled,semi-rotary die-cutting TOP330PLUS2 TOP420PLUS2 TOP520PLUS2  The TOP…PLUS2 series is available in 330mm, 420mm, and 520mm. Modern,...
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Best Quality

Rhyguan products are designed and built around a solid steel frame. All products feature branded components on the inside, to ensure smooth runs with the best accuracy and precision. Our quality ensures a productive long life-span for each of our converting and finishing machines.

Great Support

Rhyguan products are highly reliable. In the unlikely event, something does break, our engineering team is ready to support you with expert advice, remote or an onsite service call, and spare parts on stock. So you can focus on your business and we humbly serve to support your reputation.

Market Leading

Rhyguan installs over 500 label finishing machines per year and growing. Rhyguan has already become the leading supplier of label converting machines in Asia and is now the fastest-growing supplier in Europe and Africa. Through our proprietary technology and scale of economies in manufacturing we work hard to earn and keep the trust of each customer. Small and large.

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