Rhyguan introduces combined IR/hotair drying unit

combined IR/hotair drying unit

Rhyguan is introducing a combined IR/hot-air drying unit that can be optionally mounted on our digital converting lines: the PLUS330/420, the TOP330/420PLUS2. The advantage of combining both IR and Hotair drying options into one module is to give the operator full flexibility to optimize drying. For each job, an operator can choose to use either IR or use hot-air or use both simultaneously. An entry-level module gives the operator full control. The higher-end module additionally provides automatic power-adjustment to match flexo-printing speed.

The IR/hot-air drying unit can be fitted together with a UV curing into one digital finishing unit. Adding a chill-roller is also possible. For more information please contact Rhyguan or an authorized channel partner.

About the PLUS330/420:
This is a fully modular digital finishing machine available in 333mm wide or a 420mm wide. Apart from the Flexo module for varnishing, other available modules include hot-stamping, silkscreen, and die-cutting.

About the TOP330/420/520PLUS2:
This is a compact digital converting unit that offers spot-varnish, cold foil, and semi-rotary die-cutting into one compact solution. This compact digital finishing unit is available in three widths: 333mm, 420mm, and 520mm.