Rhyguan introducing a new UV LED curing unit

digital finishing, spot varnish, LED UV

Rhyguan is introducing a new UV LED curing unit that can be optionally mounted on our digital converting lines: the PLUS330/420 and the TOP330/420PLUS2. The new UV LED unit has been field-tested with LED curable inks from major brands and is suitable for varnish digital print labels.

Combining the new LED UV curing unit with an IR/hot-air drying into one machine is possible. Adding a chill-roller is also possible. For more information please contact Rhyguan or an authorized channel partner.

About the PLUS330/420:
This is a fully modular digital finishing line available as a 333mm wide or a 420mm wide converting machine. Apart from the Flexo module for varnishing, other modules include hot-stamping, silkscreen, and die-cutting.

About the TOP330/420/520PLUS2:
This is a compact digital converting unit that offers spot-varnish, cold foil, and semi-rotary die-cutting into one compact solution. This compact digital finishing unit is available in three widths: 333mm, 420mm, and 520mm.